tirsdag 19. februar 2008

Everyday LEGO creations

I'm making objects in use in everyday life out of LEGO.
Today's selected item; a cell-phone holder:

mandag 18. februar 2008

Nuanced photojournalism?

I read the Norwegian news paper Dagbladet (www.dagbladet.no) everyday.
Every week, they have a photojournal from city-life in Norway's biggest cities.
This time, it was Oslo's turn, as it has been so many times before.
What Dagbladet lacks, however, are photographers capable of considering other places than two clubs as "hip enough to take pictures in".
"Dattera til Hagen" (Hagen's Daughter) and Gloria Flames, are two clubs in Oslo's Grønland district, known for their "hipness". The photoreporter has taken a total of 20 pictures at these two locations.

I wonder if there aren't any other places in Oslo wherein to take pictures of people?