onsdag 16. juli 2008

Magic Circle Festival 2008

We're finally back in Oslo after the Magnificience of Manowar at the MCF08.

All your camps are belong to Norway

(Greek guy makes it look easy, it wasn't)

We arrive at Bad Arolsen

The HoD party! Great food, and the drinks were flowing free. How can a man say no?

Matthew's marguaritas made quite the impression on the girls.

HoD party. I think I met you guys first... Kinda blurry from this point on.

Erman the German and Spiros the Malaka

Norway and Finland

Four riders of doom

Small gathering of HoD. Nice tits by the way!

Matthew was seen doing this alot. Must be his wife keeping a leash, hehehe

Me and Katja outside the Forum tent

The House of Death Forum all in one piece

(Yeah, some are missing, but we'll photoshop them in later)

Signing session on Friday

Eric and me at the signing on Friday. Eric, you're the man!
Eric: "There's something familiar with you"
Me: "Yeah, I'm one of the moderators on HoD"

With Karl and Rhino

Here is the blurry picture Neil took of me and Maria.

Man, next time set the camera on auto, she does not deserve to look blurry on camera.

The shows

The MCF main stage, with Jack Starr.

It's gargantuan, and looks like it's taken right out of a sci-fi movie set.

Hi-5, we like!

Me and Matt are backed by England and Norway

Alice Cooper



Photos of Manowar are not posted. Wait for the DVD...

It was impossible to take pictures whilst banging inside the frontstage crowd.

Ready for the battle on Saturday

Me, Todd, and Matthew

Xóan being harassed

Metal brother from Italy

Nima gets his punishment

Both Steve and I survived the show on Saturday.

I'm listening to your CD now, brother! Cool stuff!

"Yeah, bro. It really says MVP on my shirt."

Matthew proudly sports his "Manowar Vintage Product"
I met some truly amazing people at this years festival.
Many of whom are very recent friends. But it felt like we had known each other for ages.
On second thought, maybe it was the alcohol?.... Heheheh

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