onsdag 13. august 2008

More pictures from the building process

I just thought I'd upload some more pictures of how my LEGO PC was built. This time emphasizing the power and keyboard buttons...

The power-on button is made entirely of LEGO Technic pieces. The cables are fastened by squeezing them between the parts.

Here you can see the keyboard stripped of its shell.

And here it is placed into the frame made of LEGO bricks and plates.

The finished keyboard. Some areas were not covered as it didn't fit into the LEGO measures. This goes for the keyboard LEDs and some of the mouse buttons.

Here is another picture, showing the scale in relation to an LG 19" flat screen monitor.

The dimensions of the PC are: 27,5cm wide, 33,5cm deep, 23,4cmtall.

The dimensions of the keyboard are: 29,5cm wide, 16,1cm deep, 4,8cm tall.

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